New business system in BE Group Estonia

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New year starts with new business system in BE Group Estonia.

BE Group Estonia started using a new business system Microsoft Dynamics AX during December 2012.

The implementation period lasted for several months and involved hard work by our team. Everything new seems complicated at the first glance, but the bottom line for doing this is to improve our customer service by having a much better and real-time overview of our resources on different BE Group markets. With the new business system in place we will be an even stronger partner to our customers with the highest possible delivery accuracy on every order.
We kindly ask our customers to have some patience during the first month coming into the New Year, as we will be a bit slower in our activities in the startup phase of the new system. We wish everybody a prosperous New Year of 2013!
Alexander Neiland
Managing Director
BE Group Estonia

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