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Boosting your competitiveness

Our production services cover versatile cutting methods for steel and aluminium, cut-off, blasting, protective coating, bending and drilling.

By using our services, you will get steel and aluminium components to meet your company's needs, delivered directly to the production line just when they are needed.

When we handle raw material storage on your behalf, supplying ready parts to your production, you can release steel storage capital for use in other investments. You can use the storage premises for further processing and thus make better use of expensive production space. Also, since no capacity or capital will then be required for raw material transportation, transfer and handling, capital tied up in machines can be freed for developing your own company's core know-how. At the same time, the amount of unfinished production will be reduced and transportation costs will decrease. In other words, the capital turnover will increase and the degree of productivity will become higher.

The machine utilization rate is high at our steel service centres, and data technology enables optimal material utilization. This means less scrap and waste pieces in your production, and no more need for their handling and storage. Consequently, it is more economical to get ready-made components from us than to manufacture them yourselves.

When you use our production services, you will ensure production flexibility for your company, and you will be able to serve your customers better at the varying stages of the business cycle. Our aim is to boost the cost-effectiveness of your operations and enable them to meet your own clients' needs in the best possible way.


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