Priority environmental areas


BE Group’s objective is to continuously increase the proportion of material deliveries made by rail and sea. Where this is not possible, deliveries are made by truck. The transports that the Group is most able to affect are its outbound deliveries to customers. In Sweden, all of the Group’s own transport vehicles used environmental grade diesel.

Energy consumption

BE Group is working continuously to reduce energy consumption at its facilities. A decreased use of oil and gas to the benefit of district heating is one measure that has contributed to our being able to reduce our overall energy consumption from 75 kWh per tonne sold to 47 kWh between 2009 and 2011.


BE Group’s own operations cause only limited emissions. Emissions originate primarily from the production units in Malmö and Norrköping in Sweden and in Lahti and Turku in Finland where operations such as painting and blasting are carried out. The filtration of solvents (VOCs) from painting facilities and dust from blasting and cutting equipment is highly efficient.

Waste management

Residual materials in BE Group’s operations are principally metals, wood and cardboard. These are sorted and recycled to the greatest possible extent. In 2011, the average amount of residual materials per tonne sold amounted to 35 kg, with 98 percent being sent for recycling.

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