BE Group Finland

Head office
BE Group Oy Ab
P.O.Box 54, FI-15101 Lahti, Finland
Visitors address: Laiturikatu 2, Lahti
Phone: +358 3 825 200
Fax: +358 3 825 2503

Personal e-mail addresses:


Managing Director Lasse Levola
CFO Mikko Asikainen
Marketing Director Timo Nieminen
Sales Director Risto Hovila
Sourcing Director Arto Pahkala
Business Unit Manager Production Nikolai Makarov


Hot-rolled plates, sheets and coils
Product Manager Niklas Kemppinen
Hot-rolled sheets and plates
Purchaser Merja Juuti
Purchaser Eija Koukkari

Tubes and long products
Product Manager Jarkko Mantila
Purchaser Katja Nokkanen
Purchaser Eija Oinonen

Stainless steel
Product Manager Markku Kallio
Purchaser Maija Lahtinen
Purchaser Tytti Sulkinoja 
Aluminium products
Product  Manager Markku Kallio
Purchaser Tytti Sulkinoja

Logistics Manager Terttu Rinne

Quality and Environment Manager Esa Koivisto

HR Manager Riitta Mälkki