Sustainable development

Code of Conduct

It is of vital importance for BE Group that the organization, as well as each individual employee, is percieved as financially, socially and ethically, conscious and responsible. Our Code of Conduct explains the responsibillities towards our business partner, owners, employees and society. 

The ethical guidelines in our Code of Conduct encompass all employees within BE Group and all managers are responsible for ensuring that employees adhere to the Code of Conduct.


BE Groups sustainability work is about our commitment to create a responsible enterprise that will permeate our business. We are working to limit the organization´s impact on the environment and that the Group is being precieved as an economically, socially and ethically responsible company.
BE Group has a team working with sustainability. This team has identified a number of prioritised focus areas that are considered to be especially important for the Group. The focus areas are the limitation of climate impact and carbon dioxide emissions, requirement specification and follow-up in the supply chain, integration of sustainability work in the entire Group and an expanded dialogue with key stakeholders.

Read the Sustainability Report from our Annual Report here

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