Shot-blasting and painting

Customized shot-blasting and painting
BE Group provides shot-blasting and painting of long and flat steel products. By taking over processes that are time-consuming and can slow down your overall project, we provide real value through supplying material ready for use. Parts can be delivered directly to site, ready for you to fabricate, or to your own production facilities.

All our shot-blasting and painting techniques are environment-friendly. With workshops strategically located throughout Sweden, fast delivery directly to your production line is assured.

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Technical information
Shot-blasting - degree of purity SA 2,5

Pre-painting with a two-component anti-corrosion primer in red or grey.

Thickness of paint  10-15 µ m, 15-20 µ m, 25-40 µ m

Pre-painting with low zinc silicate primer (thickness of paint 10-15 µ m) with good weldability.

The paint is environmentally classed according to BSK 99.

For more detailed information, please contact your local sales office.

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