Bending on bending presses

Bending on bending presses - BE Group

We provide services of metal sheets bending on CNC bending presses.
Take advantage of our comprehensive offer to perform bended parts. You can order now already cutted parts (laser, plasma or gas) then bended on bending presses together with edges beveling and grinding.

Ordered details can be delivered to any address specified by you. Bending on bending presses is always made ​​according to your requirements and expectations.


Two bending presses H-Brake Company Safan allowing to work in tandem.

  • Working independently (first press): pressing power - 480t 
    bending edge length - 4.2 m
  • Independent work (second press): pressing power -480t
    bending edge length - 5.1 m
  • Working in tandem: pressing power - 960T
    bending edge length - 9.3 m

Bended parts are made by using Wila tools.

We invite you to work with metal sheets bending on bending presses!

Information, which should be included in an inquiry for bending:

  • Technical detailed drawings in the file format of DXF or DWG,
  • Specification of the required raw material: type, thickness, and if necessary, the metal surface treatment type,
  • The quantity of the products,
  • If you do not have the technical drawings in an electronic version, for inquiry we can accept PDF or JPG files dimensioned accurately and with complete information attached,

We would like to invite you to get to know more about our particular production services. More information about our offer you will get by contacting our Sales Department here.

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