Mechanical edges beveling

Mechanical edges beveling - BE Group Poland, Trebaczew

Additionally to the services we provide as laser, plasma and gas metal sheets cutting you can let us making  mechanical edges beveling of your already cutted parts.

We are beveling parts straight edges, providing them with shapes of X, Y, K – for preparation for parts welding.

Ordered details can be delivered to any address specified by you. Mechanical edges beveling is always made ​​according to your requirements and expectations.

Zalco ABM-26 Portable Mechanical Beveling Unit:

  • Beveling width: 0 to 30 mm
  • Beveling angles: 15 ˚, 30 ˚, 45 ˚, 60 ˚

We would like to invite you to cooperate with us in the field of professional mechanical edges beveling.

More information about our offer you will get by contacting our Sales Department here.

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