BE Group Supplier Day 2008

The BE Group Supplier Day took place in Malmö on May 28.

It attracted about 90 people that came to hear about our new centralized Product Supply organisation, our plans to grow in Central and Eastern Europe and about our production service development.

In the afternoon the participants either went to play "BE Group Open" at Barsebäck Golf and Country Club or joined a tour to Helsingborg with lunch and a Rib-boat excursion.

"BE Group's Most Honourable supplier 2007" was awarded

The day was finalized by a dinner, where we awared the winner of this prize. It went to CORUS TUBES for being the supplier that during 2007 in the best way lived up to our expectations and demands on a longterm supplier and partner.
In our evaluation system BESPIX (BE Supplier Performance Index) Corus tubes had the highest points when it comes to quality, delivery performance and relationship.

BE Group's Most Honourable Supplier 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Corus Tubes represented by Baxter McIvor and Jenny Thompson, together with Per Horstmann, BE Group

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