Environmental work

Priority environmental areas

BE Group’s objective is to continuously increase the proportion of deliveries to our warehouse facilities made by rail and sea. Where this is not possible, deliveries are made by truck. We follow up and calculate the development of the transportations we use when it comes to shipments from the supplier to us and deliveries from our units to the customers. 
Energy consumption
Thanks to reduced use of oil and gas in favor of district heating, and the consolidation of the number of facilities, the trend has for some time been for BE Group’s energy consumption to decline at its own facilities. In recent years, however, this trend has leveled off due to an increased proportion of production services sales. BE Group’s total energy consumption was 86 kWh/tonne (87) (corresponding to scope 1 and 2 in accordance with GHG). Efforts will continue in 2018, with, among other things, a mapping of energy consumption in our large units in Sweden and Finland. 
Emissions from production
BE Group’s own operations cause only limited emissions. Emissions originate primarily from the production units in Malmö, Norrköping and Turku where operations such as painting and blasting are carried out. The filtration of solvents (VOCs) from painting facilities and dust from blasting and cutting equipment is highly efficient. All production units have the necessary environmental permits.
Waste management
Residual materials in BE Group’s operations are principally metals, wood and cardboard. These are sorted and recycled to the greatest possible extent. BE Group also carefully follows up the work of its suppliers of recycling services.

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