Carbon dioxide footprint

The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a major global environmental challenge. In the refinement chain from the steel producer to the end-customer, it is at the producer level that the absolute majority of carbon dioxide emissions take place. Nonetheless, there are things that BE Group can do to reduce emissions in its part of the chain.
In 2013, BE Group commenced efforts to calculate emissions in accordance with the recommendations in the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) measurement standard and these efforts continued in 2017. The estimated carbon dioxide footprint from BE Group’s facilities (equivalent to scope 1 & 2 in accordance with GHG) was 15 kg CO2/tonne steel sold (16). The carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by a number of activities, among others, the Swedish unit has switched to green electricity.
Continued development and adaptation of emission calculations according to the GHG standard will occur during 2018 to improve our knowledge and the monitoring of emissions in the value chain from supplier to customer. According to the company’s own estimates, BE Group is currently responsible for about 1 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the value chain, while transports to and from BE Group’s facilities account for about 5 percent. The remaining 94 percent of the emissions originate among producers.

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