Sustainable development

Code of Conduct

It is of vital importance for BE Group that the organization, as well as each individual employee, is percieved as financially, socially and ethically, conscious and responsible. Our Code of Conduct explains the responsibillities towards our business partner, owners, employees and society. 

The ethical guidelines in our Code of Conduct encompass all employees within BE Group and all managers are responsible for ensuring that employees adhere to the Code of Conduct.


BE Groups sustainability work is about our commitment to create a responsible enterprise that will permeate our business. We are working to limit the organization´s impact on the environment and that the Group is being precieved as an economically, socially and ethically responsible company.
In 2012, BE Group performed an inventory of its operations based on ISO 26000 and identified a number of prioritized focus areas that were identified as being of particular importance for the Group. Each focus area also includes measures for implementation over the coming years. Several of the measures were started in 2012 and the work is still progressing.

Interaction with key stakeholders

Business partners (customers and suppliers)
BE Group shall add value by providing distribution, warehousing and pre-processing. The Group shall act with sensitivity to customer needs and in a manner that encourages trust, strenghtening relations with existing customers and attracting new ones. The Group strives to strenghten sustainability work among suppliers through dialogue and by setting requirements.

BE Group shall act responsibly internally and externally to attract, develop and retain competent employees. Our basic values guide us in how we behave towards one another in our day-to-day work.

BE Group seeks to contribute to positive social development by generating job opportunities in our own operations and among our partners. BE Group shall be an open and easy accessible actor that communicates with the greatest possible transparency within the regulatory framework regarding market-sensitive information.

BE Group is to generate value for its shareholders through responsible and profitable enterprise based on the Company´s business model and strategies for profitability.
* ISO 26000 is an international standard that defines what areas are included in the sustainability concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which provides recommendations regarding what, beyond applicable legislation, can be done in these areas. 

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