BE Group’s ambition is to create a stimulating and healthy work environment for employees and all workplaces within BE Group to be safe and pleasant and free from harassment and discrimination. The employees are our most valuable asset and a prerequisite for the Company to perform well.

BE Group’s corporate culture is based on what is defined as the Group’s core values. These values shall permeate the entire organization and create security and understanding, provide guidance in how we should relate to one another and to our surroundings, and form the basis for clear communication, both internally and externally. BE Group has focused on three key words for this work and they are dynamic, transparent and sustainable.


Health and safety is a priority area at the workplaces and there is a Safety First policy with a zero vision regarding workplace accidents. The basic idea is that all accidents can be prevented and safety must come first at all times. The units work locally to assess and address risks in the operations and to prevent accidents. They have steering documents in place and regular follow-ups, workplace meetings and training sessions. Each accident and incident are reported, evaluated and followed up.


BE Group’s Code of Conduct comprises all operations and employees within BE Group. The ethical guidelines provide guidance in the daily work to achieve the Group’s goals and point out everyone’s responsibilities towards business partners, owners, employees and society. The Code addresses issues of business ethics, anti-corruption, child labor, equality, work environment, career issues and competence development.

Read our Code of Conduct: PDF