BE Group is one of the Nordic region’s leading trading and service companies in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The Company was founded in Malmö at the end of the 19th century and today has its primary business in the countries around the Baltic Sea. With a high level of expertise, efficient processes and one of Northern Europe’s most modern production facilities, we offer inventory sales, production service sales and direct sales to our customers based on their specific needs and circumstances. The operations are characterized by transparency, sustainability and a high level of service where focus is on long-term relationships with partners and employees. Today, BE Group has operations in six different countries, with sales offices in multiple locations in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics, as well as its own production and warehousing facilities in the Swedish Norrköping, Polish Trebaczew and Finnish Lapua, Lahti and Turku.


The organization is divided into two business areas: Sweden & Poland and Finland & Baltics. Besides BE Group Sverige and the Polish operations, business area Sweden & Poland also includes the joint venture ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB, which is specialized in cutting and slitting of thin sheets and coils.