Our goal is to be the best in the markets in which we are active. Our business idea not only includes us being a leading player in terms of buying, selling and processing steel, we also seek to be a professional partner to our customers. We should be a support in their development, help them identify both strengths and weaknesses and be able to offer the best solution in terms of availability, expertise and delivery accuracy. We shall be leaders in terms of sales and customer experience. With a focus on profitability and the customer’s best interests, we will work as a team to achieve the goals we have set.


BE Group shall be the most professional, successful and respected steel service company in our markets.


BE Group is an independent efficient distributor of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and value adding services to Nordic manufacturing and construction companies.


Well-prepared and well-established values are a prerequisite for development and success. The Company’s values should pervade the entire organization, everything that is said and done, and all of the decisions that are made. They are the framework that holds the different parts of the business together, and that welds together and points out the common direction for the entire staff. The values create security and understanding, give guidance in how we should relate to one another and to our surroundings, and they form the basis for clear communication, both internally and externally. These are:

  • Dynamic - Innovative and Action-oriented
  • Transparent - Performance and Leadership
  • Sustainable - Environment, People and Profitability