A material that can be recycled over and over again while maintaining quality and recyclability is a prerequisite for a circular economy. Steel is essentially a sustainable material with a very long life span. It is the world’s most recycled material and fossil-free steel production imposes demands on further recycling. For BE Group’s part, this means that the materials purchased will be optimized and used to the greatest possible extent and the remainder will be recycled. The operations will be as resource efficient as possible with focus on material utilization.


BE Group is an independent steel distributor offering products from several steel producers around the world. The company monitors developments regarding the requirements imposed in the area and sustainability is a parameter both in the classification and evaluation of suppliers. BE Group actively seeks out suppliers with explicit sustainability efforts that can offer products with lower CO2 emissions.

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

In Sweden and Finland, the Group works continuously with available EPDs, both new ones and updating existing ones. EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration and is a certified summary of the climate impact a product has throughout its life cycle. From primary raw materials, via production, transport and use, to recycling or “end of life” in other ways.

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BE Group’s ambition is to be able to help small and medium-sized companies, which most often buy steel in smaller quantities, to buy sustainable steel at competitive prices. 100% climate-compensated steel is already today a part of the offering to customers. Discussions are being held with several European steel producers and the Company is following the trend towards lower, and ultimately zero, emissions of fossil carbon dioxide within the supplier´s ongoing projects.