The General Meeting of Shareholders is BE Group’s highest decision-making body in which all shareholders are entitled to participate. The shareholders that cannot attend in person have the opportunity to participate by proxy. 

The Annual General Meeting is held annually not later than six months following the end of the applicable fiscal year. At the Annual General Meeting, the shareholders with voting entitlements can vote for the full number of shares owned and/or represented by him/her without limitations being placed on the number of votes.

At the Annual General Meeting, the company’s business development is discussed. Decisions are made regarding a number of central issues, such as the adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, appropriation of the company’s profits (dividends) or losses, discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and of the President from personal liability, determination of the fees to be paid to Board members and auditors, resolutions concerning a new Board for the period until the next Annual General Meeting and, where applicable, changes in the Company’s Articles of Association. 

A shareholder wishing to have a matter addressed at a General Meeting of Shareholders shall request this in writing to the Board of BE Group. Thereafter, the matter shall be discussed at the General Meeting of Shareholders assuming that the request has been submitted to the Board in time for the matter to be included in the notice convening the General Meeting. 

Notice to attend a general meeting shall be announced in the Swedish Official Gazette and on the company's website. It shall be advertised in Svenska Dagbladet that notice of a general meeting has been given. Should the publication of Svenska Dagbladet cease, the advertising shall be made in Dagens Nyheter instead.