The history of the BE Group began at the end of the 19th century. In 1885, to be exact, when the brothers Hans and Jons Edstrand discovered the Broedern Edstrand company. The family business was based in Malmö and mainly developed the commercial steel industry. The company remained in the family until 1988 when Trelleborg AB took over. Together with Nordic Capital, a joint company gradually developed, of which the Finnish company Starckjohann Steel (founded in 1868) was also a part.

In the late 1990s, the company opened subsidiaries in several Baltic Sea countries, including Denmark, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. European expansion continued until the early 2000s, and in 2006, after Trelleborg AB sold all shares, the company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the collective name BE Group AB. In 2008, the complex company ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB was formed, which two years later included Lecor Stålteknik from Kungälv. Play casino and bet on sports online on horseback? There is nothing easier with the bookmaker Mostbet PK. Affordable registration, bonuses for all players, guarantee of winning.


In 1868, Starckjohann & Co was founded by Peter Starckjohann in the Finnish town of Viborg.

In 1885, Bröderna Edstrand was founded by Hans and Jöns Edstrand in Malmö, Sweden.


In 1974, Bröderna Edstrand is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In 1976, Starckjohann takes the first steps in what we call production service today.

In 1988, Bröderna Edstrand is acquired by Trelleborg AB and after four generations of ownership, the Edstrand family leaves the company.

In the 1990s, the company establishes units in Denmark, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. At the same time, Starckjohann Steel expanded through the acquisition of Mercantile and establishment in Estonia.

In 1999, Nordic Capital becomes the majority shareholder in Bröderna Edstrand and Starckjohann Steel. The two companies, including subsidiaries in the countries around the Baltic Sea, now form one group.


In the 21st century, the Group’s European expansion continues with establishments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2004, Trelleborg sells its remaining shares in the Group.

In 2006, BE Group’s share is relisted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Group takes the mutual name BE Group AB.

In 2008, the Group acquires 50% of the shares in the joint venture ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB.

In 2010, the Group acquires Lecor Stålteknik in Kungälv.

In 2017, 80 years after the opening of the office at Spadegatan, the Group moves the head office to Krangatan in Malmö.